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1.A beautiful, loving, kind, african american man that loves his family, friends, and companions. Works really hard, and don't take no shit.2. Very bossy, creative, and sexual. 3. Very rare breed of man
1. Girl, you need to get you a Boyzie. I got one!
by Nai Beard December 31, 2007
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Love is an act of acceptance , and a feeling of peace. Love is the ability to be vunerable. Love can being cautious, but never afraid. Love forgives, but never settles. Love doesn't make you want to love, but you become love. Love can only be complemented by the same love it can give. Love never fails, so it can't love alone.
If in the mist of loving, you lose yourself, you are not loving. The purest form of you should be revealed, because you love. If you do not feel loved in return, you will never love to your own capablities, without being dissappointed.
by Nai Beard February 15, 2008
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