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Okay, This is coming from a Noah, we hate the Noah and the ark jokes, they were funny at first but now its overdone and annoying, most of us are pretty chill but just don't annoy us, we're kinda short tempered, and i can confirm we're better than Kevin, in every single way possible.
Kevin: Hey Noah! did you build the Ark!?
Jayden: Dude! stop you're gonna get you ass beaten by Noah
Kevin: Noah's not tough.
Jayden: He's way stronger than you.
by NBW/ noootIdk August 20, 2020

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An amazing person, she is kind, smart, funny and talented, she will do anything to put a smile on your face, shes typically Asian with Brown hair and brown eyes (most Beatrice's I've met meet that description) she will write you notes and make you gifts when you're away from her, usually the best person to hang out with
Noah: Hey! Beatrice made me gifts after the school holidays ended how cool is that!
Jayden: Bro. i think she likes you!
Noah: No way! she's my best-friend!
Jayden: Noah, you idiot
by NBW/ noootIdk August 19, 2020

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The word jyreal is the name of someone who likes anime, is a weeblet and GGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, too dedicated to stupid jokes, Gay again, the simp remover and loves Ryuko and Chika.
Noah: Looks its Jyreal!

Amy: Oh shit he's gay.. RUN ANGEL DUST RUN!
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by NBW/ noootIdk August 24, 2020

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Amy is a girl, that's fucking more masculine than me and best friend, pathetic right? she's obsessed with Joseph Joestar and chairs... crazy right? she also has a crush on Dio Brando and Josh,
Noah: We don't know her...
Jyreal: Yep.
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by NBW/ noootIdk August 24, 2020

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