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Elton, Louisiana is one of the absolute creepiest towns in the United States. I go there every Christmas to visit my aunt, and I feel more comfortable in the ghetto of New Orleans.
The people there stare at you, deeply. All of the time. The town is surrounded by miles of rice fields. There are no job opportunities that I can speak of. The living feel dead. I apologize if this seems very biased, but if you don't believe me, visit Elton. Elton, Louisiana
by NASCAR MADAGASCAR March 28, 2021
Some lame ambient band. Their music is very frivolous and lacks any real meaning or depth to it. I find it to be quite dull. There are some things that are OK, but I just can’t appreciate him/them.
Somebody once said Aphex Twin are like what a listener of Pink Floyd would make if he made amateur music

And I’m like, “WTF, despite using Synths, they sound nothing like Pink Floyd...”
by NASCAR MADAGASCAR December 7, 2020
It has no musical merit. It promotes Marxism. And it is just really really lame.

Hip Hop music is just the same. Damn you, 1979. Lmao counter culture.
Punk rock sucks. Before that, music was still musical. Punk musicians destroyed everything.
by NASCAR MADAGASCAR November 18, 2020
Do you hope to pluck this dusky jewel. Hello, I hate you won’t you tell me I’m a shame. Hello I hate you The Doors were so lame.
by NASCAR MADAGASCAR January 9, 2021