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So fucking pissed
So fucking pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by MysticNeon January 11, 2021
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One transplant here accused me of stalking them. Little did the dumbass realize that Louisiana has been home to a French Catholic population for centuries. I’m not stalking you, I can tell you aren’t related and aren’t from here. You rich little Protestant faggot from North Carolina.
Some people out there are so naive
by MysticNeon December 7, 2020
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A side character played by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers franchise.
I’m fat because I’m sad and I’m sad because I eat and I eat because I’m sad and I’m sad because I eat. ARRRGH!

“Fat bastard! You’re not fat anymore!” — Austin Powers
by MysticNeon December 10, 2020
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Probably one of the most fascinating things about ENTPs is their ability to predict future events or how things, especially people, work. They know just the right things to say in a situation. ENTPs have a keen knowledge of what is socially appropriate and inappropriate. They also pay very much detail on the reactions and desires of other people. They can turn the whole world against you, if you are not careful.

An ENTP can usually tell when something, especially a project; Will be successful or a complete failure. They have a unique ability to know what everybody is thinking and what the world wants. Current trends, etc. They form an internal framework about how the world functions.

ENTP’s can go throughout life as a troll and fake their whole reality. They can do this so well that even others especially their own loved ones or followers, are blinded to it. This is what gives an ENTP an advantage on how other people think; What is socially appropriate and what society and the world wants. They can make a deal with their own conscience to pretend to be somebody else their whole lives.

If an ENTP thinks that you are lame or that you suck, it is probably true. They make excellent critics and are very in-tune with what the world is thinking and what works and what doesn’t. An ENTP doesn’t personally believe that >> you suck. << In their eyes, they KNOW you suck. If they think you suck it is a universal fact that all other human beings out there will agree upon and share.
If an ENTP says to you, “that’ll never work” or “how do you expect to do that?” Be warned, because they are usually right.

I’m an INTJ and I wrote this informative definition on the basic psychology of ENTP’s.
by MysticNeon January 26, 2021
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How come if Vermont is apparently such a great place, they will pay you to live there? They are also all liberals. They dislike people from Louisiana and the South, too.
People from Vermont are nutcases.
by MysticNeon December 20, 2020
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I've got the world up my ass
And I'm gonna move fast
Be the first
Won't be the last
I've got the world up my ass
Society is burning me up
Take a bite,
Spit it out
Take their rules
Rip 'em up,
Tear them down
Twisted mind,
Withered brain
You know I'm going insane
I just tell them to get back
When they tell me how to act
I've got the world up my ass
You know I've got the world up my ass
by MysticNeon January 26, 2021
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