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Probably one of the most fascinating things about ENTPs is their ability to predict future events or how things, especially people, work. They know just the right things to say in a situation. ENTPs have a keen knowledge of what is socially appropriate and inappropriate. They also pay very much detail on the reactions and desires of other people. They can turn the whole world against you, if you are not careful.

An ENTP can usually tell when something, especially a project; Will be successful or a complete failure. They have a unique ability to know what everybody is thinking and what the world wants. Current trends, etc. They form an internal framework about how the world functions.

ENTP’s can go throughout life as a troll and fake their whole reality. They can do this so well that even others especially their own loved ones or followers, are blinded to it. This is what gives an ENTP an advantage on how other people think; What is socially appropriate and what society and the world wants. They can make a deal with their own conscience to pretend to be somebody else their whole lives.

If an ENTP thinks that you are lame or that you suck, it is probably true. They make excellent critics and are very in-tune with what the world is thinking and what works and what doesn’t. An ENTP doesn’t personally believe that >> you suck. << In their eyes, they KNOW you suck. If they think you suck it is a universal fact that all other human beings out there will agree upon and share.
If an ENTP says to you, “that’ll never work” or “how do you expect to do that?” Be warned, because they are usually right.

I’m an INTJ and I wrote this informative definition on the basic psychology of ENTP’s.
by MysticNeon January 25, 2021

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How come if Vermont is apparently such a great place, they will pay you to live there? They are also all liberals. They dislike people from Louisiana and the South, too.
People from Vermont are nutcases.
by MysticNeon December 20, 2020

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Wouldn’t this be the best place to escape to if everybody thought you were dead?
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina here I come!

The real Sin City!!
by MysticNeon December 20, 2020

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The easiest and quickest heritage to convince people around the world that you have. (even if you don’t) If you’re white and don’t want people to know your true background, just say you’re Welsh. Claiming to have Welsh ancestry is pretty modest.

The Welsh are extremely average and a common heritage, and people don’t know very much about them.
American asker: Where did you come from? You don’t look French or Italian, what are you?

American: Oh, um, you know, English mixed in with uh, Welsh. Uh, Some Welsh stuff.

American asker: Ah, I see.
by MysticNeon December 20, 2020

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Tonight the circle is meeting again
Who will be the first to fall in trance
In here nobody is sensing the rain
Tonight the spirit will glance
So as they're approaching ghostly hour
Seven people here are joining hands
They think they know the spirit to appear
Contact, the table starts to dance
Time is standing still
It's a dangerous meeting
A Dangerous Meeting
They're gonna get themselves killed
Tonight the circle is broken forever
Seven people dead within a trance
In here nobody is sensing the rain
Tonight seven souls are reaching hell
Time was standing still
The meeting is over
Their journey is on
Oh, they should have known
Not to play with the powers of Hell
Some people have lost their way
Some people have lost their mind
by MysticNeon December 20, 2020

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I’m a Cajun from Louisiana and I’m starting to see that people are getting more and more impatient.

Haha I love this. This is why I think Joe Biden might actually be helping our cause.
People are starting to get desperate here in Louisiana state. I can’t wait until reality finally hits all you delusional people. I’m sitting here laughing my ass off. I can’t wait.
by MysticNeon December 01, 2020

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The Welsh are sheepfucking pigfucking dogfuckers that like raping horses.
People that speak a really ugly language. Welsh.
by MysticNeon December 21, 2020

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