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Beer that is consumed by students of the California State University system when their class(es) have been subjected to mandatory furloughs.

Furlough Beer often leads to more drinking of beer that is technically Non-Furlough. However, a strong argument can be made that any and all beer consumed from the start time of the first furloughed class to the start time of the next non-furloughed class is still technically Furlough Beer.
"I didn't know today was a furlough day! Let's go to (insert campus bar) for some Furlough Beer!"
by Muhammed Shibaz Moqito January 12, 2010

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A mythical creature, friendly in nature, who comes to visit one several hours after one consumes spicy foods - making one's butthole feel as though it were shooting out fire while one defecates. The Ass Dragon's friendly, playful nature often makes him want to hang out for hours, sometimes hiding for a little while, peek-a-boo-style.
One more jalapeƱo slice would just be inviting the Ass Dragon and I don't have time to have my ass feel like it's on fire every hour tomorrow as I am addressing the Supreme Court in a very important case.
by Muhammed Shibaz Moqito October 10, 2014

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