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There is nothing else or more to be said or proven; legit to the n^th degree; done and double-done.
When Robert James "Bobby" Fischer defeated the Russians at their own game of chess, and then left afterword, there was nothing left to prove.
by MrTrackshoes December 28, 2020
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The next 19 pounds you gain after the second wave of Covid-19 hits.
I should've worn a mask, practiced social distancing, and maybe walked around the block once or twice a day. Now, instead of just having Covid-19, I have the Covid-38.
by MrTrackshoes August 10, 2020
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When you are told to stay safe and to stay here. To not go anywhere at any time soon or possibly ever. To just stay put.

Similar to "I'll be right back," but you never left so you will still be there when or if anyone comes to find you.
"Stay here! Stay right-the-fuck here! Don't move! Do you understand!?"

I wanted to go party hardy, but I had way too many chores and homework to do, so I just told my friend I'll stay here instead.

1) "Stay here. I'll be right back."

2) "No you won't..."

::1) doesn't return. 2) never leaves::
by MrTrackshoes November 09, 2020
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True Green is like True Blue except that instead of always being true, or randy, or depressed, or loyal, this truly green person is inexperienced, naive, redundant, and oblivious. However, there are some Silver Linings to being green such as always being fresh, young, willing, and able to do anything that you can do and better at doing it.
Person 1: That guy always falls for the same trick and the same goad.

Person 2: I know, right. He is True Green.

A true green person will keep your lawn clean. Just remember to stay off it until it is dry again.
by MrTrackshoes November 05, 2020
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When you are a mark named Mark and are either walking or standing still and a target or green light and red scope are behind you and on your back.
You did the right thing and walked away, but you should know there is a target on your back now.

Watch your six when you can't be my nine.
by MrTrackshoes November 09, 2020
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This is the deepest, nastiest parts of yourself that even you don’t like to admit to, but when you see a mere hint of it in someone else, you then decide to mock them instead of yourself.
#1) See—look at that ho over there! She can’t even stand up straight let alone be straight with me—that’s worthless trash!

(Full well knowing that this self righteous bitch used to eat and stand and spit at that same corner of the bar)

#2) I used to think even the most crumpled up, used, misunderstood piece of trash could have a silver lining; but then I met you—you are just worthless trash.
by MrTrackshoes January 12, 2022
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