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Scummy, terrible college full of criminals and 2 star recruits. Their colors look like your diarrhea after you have a bowl of Captain Crunch.
Yo dude, did you see that Michigan State game last night? They lost to the Wolverines by 40. Then, after the game, their starting center got arrested.
by MrBoxNoodle September 17, 2020

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Shitty, overrated quarterback for the Michigan State Spartans. Guy was absolute ass and everyone held him to the highest pedestal like he just came out of Tom Brady's nuts. This man literally lost to Nebraska the year MSU got flushed down the toilet by Alabama in the playoffs.
Hey, did you see Connor Cook's game today? He threw 4 interceptions and threw for 40 yards.
by MrBoxNoodle October 01, 2020

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A subpar program headed by Jim Harbaugh. Absolutley ZERO defense. They have a strong arm quaterback that resembles Cam Newton who pulls off sick deep throws, but cant throw accurately so save his baby's mama.
Did you see the Michigan Wolverines game today. They scored 7 points all by Cade McNamara. However they lost because the defense couldnt tackle Betty WHite in a wheelchair with the flu. They lost by 60.
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by MrBoxNoodle January 25, 2021

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