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The most oppressed ethnic group in today's American society. Feminazis, Affirmative Action, and the new form of equality have caused this large minority to be constantly told that they are inferior (especially to women). Remember, everyone else must get special treatment (especially the gays) and receive favors and money (especially the racial minorities) for free because they're unique and different. Anyone who disagrees with this statement is nothing but a prejudiced bigot. It is selfish to stand up for your own people and not worry about others, right MLK?
I don't have a problem with treating people fairly, but as a straight white male I am always getting shortchanged.
by Mr. Stabby March 16, 2005
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The act of using a crab for the purpose of vaginal or anal intercourse.
Ugh, things were going great last night until Anthony crab fisted me... ow.
by Mr. Stabby May 23, 2004
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