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When a single woman either gay or between boyfriends asks one of her gay friends to be the "male presence" in her child's life, the man becomes an Interdad
After the father of Jenny's child left her for being too demanding, she pleaded with her gay friend Brian to bring stability to her sons life by acting as an interdad.
by Mr Bizeeboy August 25, 2009
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leaving an imprint of the jewelry rings on your hand on an adversaries face as would be the case if a pimp hit a ho or a loan shark hit a sucker
In the film "Rounders" Gramma was so pissed off that Worm had failed to pay him the money he borrowed that Gramma took Worm into the bathroom and started showing <him/her> the rings leaving worm beaten,bruised and gasping for breath
by Mr Bizeeboy April 19, 2009
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