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A screwed up game that used to be alot of fun, but Doug I don't give a crap about his last name bought the site and turned it into a advertising spot, now there are ads for Dating Sites, Viagra, and other various crapvertisements.
Here are a few reasons why it sucks:
1. TNT(the Neopets Team) is a clan of Hipocrites.
They say the site is not a dating service yet they have dating service links hovering above their messages, they say you can't post a picture of yourself wearing skimpy clothes yet their "faeries" look like they work part time at a strip club.
2. The n00bs(not newbs)
They ruined the boards and TNT bans the poeple that gang againsed them yet let the n00bs get away with saying "AwW s....h...i....t!I l3t mi p3t g3t s1ck!!!!!!!!!!111"
and you say "What?"
Then you get iced(banned)
3. The quality
They claim the shop will restock every 8 minutes or so but it is actually random and by that random I mean a few hours, and because of that people grab the items befor you are done haggling.
4. The moolah
Thats TNT's goal they want to make as much money as they can then the site is officialy abandoned.
5. Frozen
Thats what TNT does for fun, you cant even say "my name is Bob and I live in a box" because they think its is giving out personal info, you can say "Wiccans are the only thing you should believe in because our opinion matters and yours doesn't!!!"(not trying to offend anyone) without getting banned but you get banned for saying "I dont eat ham im Jewish" then you are Banned!
xXFinalFantasyXx:Idiot you still play Neopets?
NoobaSuarusRex26563527: Z0MG J44 D0 J00 Pl4Y 1T????/
by Moxie Jenifer Blake October 01, 2006
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