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A hot girl that is the best friend you will ever have. She is unusually smart, but not a nerd. She gets to know somebody before going out with them, and so she always ends up falling for her best guy friends. SHE IS NO SLUT. Michelles always seem to know who are good friends. They hate being with the "in" crowd, because they are unique and special in the best way possible. Pretty enough on the outside, but the inside is where their true beauty lies. They tend to know when people love their friends, but are often bilnd to who loves them.
I love that girl! She is such a michelle!

Yazzers: Michelle is my best friend!
Friend: Wow youre so lucky

Person: Michelle is my best girl friend!
Friend: I heard she likes you.
Person: REALLY???? YAY!
by Moo Li123 March 05, 2010
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