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Aside from being a laughably bad example of the word "intelligent", Intelligent Design is pretty much a joke that accidently gained belief and popularity, much like the War of the Worlds radio program from 1938.

The basic concept is that God must have created everything because sunflowers are pretty. The only "scientists" who support this theory have phony degrees and doctorates that they bought for cash from unaccredited Bible colleges , rather than taking any actual courses to earn. While it is completely disregarded by real scientists, it is creeping into classrooms. This is due to the fact that the amount of people with no understaning of scientific theory far outweigh those that do, even though it would only take an hour of reading to familiarize one's self with the basics.

All in all, Intelligent Design is the final nail in the coffin of our already dying public education system. It is sure to make future generations regard everyone in our time as slack-jawed morons.
Cletus: "Gawly, I gots 5 F's on my report card again? What ever will I do?"

Christian Literalist Retard: "Not to worry Cletus! Me and my cronies just got Intelligent Design added to every one of your classes! Now you can just write 'Because God did it' on all your test answers, and pass with flying colors!"

Cletus: "Hooray! I'm gonna be President!"
by Monster of Maple Street December 14, 2006

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New York City is a massive pile of garbage on America's east coast, and is thankfully downwind to the rest of America's citizens. It is the only city in the country that prides itself on being over-priced, filthy, and rude to visitors, yet out-of-towners still show up in droves.

Citizens of New York City are generally douchebags. They rarely take pride in anything they've accomplished in life, but rather where their mother happened to shit them out. People who no longer live in NYC will tell you how great it is (in barely understandable English) even though you didn't ask and couldn't care less.

As of 9/11/2001, apparently EVERYONE in New York City and the surrounding cities, or even people who had a layover there once, narrowly averted death by changing their travel plans that day. They usually tell this to everyone within earshot to score sympathy.

In summation, New York City is to be avoided at all costs. Furthermore, Hollywood should stop making lame-ass movies and TV shows there, because we're all fucking sick of it.

Vinny: "I say Queens is the bestest burrough in New York City!"

Bob: "You live in Seattle now, retard. Nobody here gives a shit."
by Monster of Maple Street December 19, 2006

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Will Smith is a sub-par actor and bubblegum pop rap singer. While he was raised in an upscale community and is well-spoken in real life, all of his movie lines are on the level "Yo, that is wack!" and "Ahhhh f'real!" He has gained popularity mostly by white suburbanites in the same manner as Amos and Andy. His sachharine soft-core non-offensive rap lyrics make his songs hits on corporate radio stations and in college adjacent dance clubs, but are never to be mistaken as having any artistic value.

Will Smith is a prime example of how to whore and dilute Black culture in order to earn a few dollars from white teenagers.
Skylar: "Yo whaddup my homey! I just got out of lacrosse practice and picked up the new Will Smith CD!"

Jordan: "That's like totally 'The Bomb'. Now we can get jiggy wit it like the Blacks we see on TV!"
by Monster of Maple Street December 14, 2006

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