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I will always pick loyalty,
even if I'm not happy
even if it hurts me so bad
even if I am not nurtured well

Over someone who exhibits disloyalty
whose eyes and mind set on others
whose heart is always infatuating
'Cause mind is not thinking straight.
by MoMo The Lemur 🦦 March 7, 2022
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Her: Happy 1 Year Anniversary.
Him: What?
Her: Happy 1 Year Anniversary! lol
Him: What?

Her: I said .. Happy 1 Year Anniversary! lol.. 2-12 2-15
Him: You wish..
Her: Exactly!
Him: In your dream..
Her: That is exactly where.. :) So, Happy 1 Year Anniversary!
Him: Okay. This is annoying...

Her: How may I annoy you? Just repeatly say "Happy 1-YA"

Him: You say that lie one more time, I will be gone.. Okay?
Her: Happy 1 Year Anniversary..
Him: Baby I'm gone (or Baby am gone)
Her: Where are you going? Put me in your luggage and take me with you :))
by MoMo The Lemur 🦦 February 14, 2022
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Nobody was there for me when I was about to die, literrally– and that was when I needed most. They only want to be around when I am healthy. I'm still not doing well but it does not matter anymore.

Not only that, I also discover several more things that are very foul.

It's called Reel Love.
No, thanks.
A test but not a test
A test from God, not from me.
If God put me through this illness for me to see clearly whom is whom around me and what reel love is, then I think it's worth it. It's worth to know who is Real and who does not either talk the talk, walk the walk, or walk the talk.

Good to know.
No need further explaination.
by MoMo The Lemur 🦦 April 24, 2022
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It's when your capacity has very little to zero space. It's when you feel so overwhelmed by what you can't say. It's when you work at least 12 hours everyday. It's when you know you are a workaholic but this is really NOT okay. It's when you see any misjudge, misinformation or misunderstanding now, you feel so tired to the point that you just shrug your shoulders, "whatever you say".
My favourite philosophy used to be, "Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches."

I think that philosophy is still applicable. I need a long vacation. A very long one. I thought about me. Then, I caught myself imagined myself being sad and thinking of you while on vacation if you won't be there next to me. Why is that? I asked. If I am a good person like I always claim to be, then why am I selfishly wanting you to be in my life like this (knowing "your shoes" and difficult positions you are in)? But then again, "crazy people don't know they are crazy." I know I am good because I can self-reflect and ask myself such those questions.

I'm overworked in every aspect. I now don't need an intelligent mind that speaks, but a patient heart that listens.
by MoMo The Lemur 🦦 April 15, 2022
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To love someone..
to take pictures of them from a distance
To love someone..
to look at them from a distance
To love someone..
to go for a walk with them from a distance
by MoMo The Lemur 🦦 February 15, 2022
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Her: Can you eat tomatoes with me?
Him: I don't like tomatoes..
Her: Oh.. I'm sorry.. I bought a lot of tomatoes for you. :(
Him: It's okay you didn't know.
Her: If it's okay, then you'll eat with me right..? :)

Him: I don't like tomatoes.. It tastes weird. It smells strange.
Her: But you will eat with me right? :)
Him: Are you like this in real life..? Stubborn?
Her: I don't know but you'll eat with me..right? :)

Him: ...
Her: Right..? Please..
Him: Alright. Put one in my mouth. Just one.
Her: I don't like odd numbers so I'll give you two.. :)
Him: Just one..
Her: I will give you two Tomatoes. Now, open your mouth.. Eat with me :( I always buy a lot of food but I lately lose weight because I don't have appetite to eat.. I've been stressed out a lot lately. So, eat with me.
by MoMo The Lemur 🦦 February 11, 2022
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I think when people start wondering about that special person's whereabouts, it is when they know they are in love with that person for real...

That's me. I cannot help but wonder where he is, what he is doing when he is not on UD, what he is thinking... There is no way to communicate with that person at the moment, except UD. That person may not even think of me. That is when you know you are one-sided loving the person. You wonder if he sees what you see. You wonder if he could feel what you feel. You wonder if he could hear you without you talking. Sounds weird and stupid.. but I don't care...
His whereabouts is on my mind.
I wish I could see him everyday.. as whoever I don't care. I really question my sanity at the moment. Am I really in love....? Why can't I control this? It's just so wrong :( and my heart just doesn't want to listen to me anymore, any longer.

Whatever, Heart!
by MoMo The Lemur 🦦 April 3, 2022
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