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A tease. Someone who wears low cut shirts, flirts too much, and puts out too little. darcyism molly b
Sometimes they like to put, on their myspaces, of course, as their occupation "Scandalous Whore", and in a rare moment of self reflection, "Trick".
Ah, they also use boys to get revenge. Poor boys, they think they'll get laid, but alas, the vag eludes them yet again!
Occasionally, they like to misnomer their peers, but never, ever to their faces. Always, always when they're near the relative safety of thirty feet away. Tricks like to think they're great wits, and they believe they are the coolest thing, what with the "Free Hug" shirts, lip piercings, coloring their blond hair brown, and laying "dibs" on boys.
But really, the only think a "Trick" is is insecure.
Don't bother. Not only will she not put out, she'll be fishing for compliments.
She's not worth it.
"You can't hit on him, I called 'dibs'!"
"So," Chris said, "Darcy's a total trick, right? How lame. She would still totally put out, I think. So. Girl, you got some thighs!"

by Miss Irina June 11, 2008
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