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Disaster of epic proportions due to massive winter storm, negatively impacting human lives.

Schools were closed for two days because of this blizzaster.
The 175 cars piled up on I-65 was a blizzaster.

Her hair looked perfect when she left the house, but when she stepped out in the storm, her goldie locks became a blizzaster.

Because of this is blizzaster, I can't get to the store to buy cigareetes, food, water or tiolet paper.
by Miss Dre February 02, 2011

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1 - the intact quality of a single condom package that has not been compromised.

2 - the quality of breasts to be used as a resting place for your head.

3 - the fluffy quality of an actual pillow
1 - "She pressed the center of the condom to test its pillow-bility to see if it was still viable and ok to use"

2 - "Her breasts had a certain pillow-bility about them that made them his favorite place to nap"

3 - "It's important to know the pillow-bility rating of your pillow - i like mine soft but my boyfriend likes his firm"
by Miss Dre January 30, 2011

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