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People of all ages, not just kids or adults, who have chosen to not poison they're bodies for fun, or for anyreason, it's basic rules are No drugs, no Alcohol, and no Sex with out feelings for the other person, it is not a fad, or a way to fit in, it is a life style, usually one picked from having a traumatizing experience with drugs, like Abusive parents. Not all straight edgers use violence to show their beliefs, thos who do are refered to as Hardliners, and are Looked down upon even by most Straight Edger, for giving them a bad name.
I dont poison my body, i am straight edge, im not an abusive jerk and am not trying to preach anything, i definatly dont think im better than anyone.
by Mirk The sXe Jerk November 30, 2003
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