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Contrary to what most of the morons on here put, Norwalk is not that bad of a town. It has its ups and downs. It's definitely better than Stamford and Bridgeport...they just suck. Take all the Niggers and Spics out of here and especially the Wiggers and Preppies and its not that bad of a town. Advice for white people: South Norwalk is not that bad...to a certain point. Once you see the black Hobos named Jamarcus and Nigger Jim..then its time to get the fuck out of there, before they start asking you for money so they can support their drug habits and before they stab you (ususally with a rusty knife that has AIDS). So other than the minorities infesting the town and breeding there non-english speaking and drug-dealer babies...Its not that bad...
Black Guy: Ayo white man...gimmie some money befo I stab you wit my rusty knife wit Aids on it

White Guy: Oh my god...The niggers have reached East Norwalk too....AAAAHHH

Latino Guy: Uno Momento....Por Favor...

White Guy: The Spics too....AAAAAHHHHHHHHH
by Minorities Suck September 05, 2008

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