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The drain system on a gravponics system.
a gravponics drain is used on a gravponics system for it to operate. It is used in combination with the gravponics linear design or the system can not function.
by Mikelstamps April 19, 2013
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when urbandictionary wouldnt approve a term that explains the drain system of the gravponics system. Gravponics is a dictionary term and in an attempt to simply describe the drain system, they wouldnt approve it.
When Pat tries to add a meaningful word to urbandictionary.com and gets rejected, Pat will reference gravponics drain system bias as the reason its not being approved. As most terms are jokes or invented statements, this is an actual term that describes a real scenario.
by Mikelstamps April 19, 2013
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a dance made when the editors on urbandictionary finally approve the word gravponics on their site. Since I have defined the word in its most basic form as it is just a portmanteau of 2 words. Ive also noticed that sometimes just because its funny they get approved.
When urban dictionary finally adds gravponics as a word on their site, i will dance around and sing i win, i win, i win, i win. That is the essence of the gravponic victory dance. Also see gravponics confusion and gravponics connundrum which also dont get approved no matter how funny i make these terms, urbandictionary wont approve it.
by Mikelstamps April 19, 2013
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A valve to close the flow of water, not to adjust the level. That is the basics of a hydroponics valve.
by Mikelstamps April 23, 2013
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when trying to define a word and never getting a single approval on any word i have created is called urbandictionary bias. When the judge sees that every term i have added gets rejected no matter what i say has been denied on here, its called urbandictionary bias.
When i finally get approved i will have so much documentation that i will prove urbandictionary bias by showing the judge emails of nothing ever being approved, yet lots of articles that have to do with smoking pot get approved. This is defined as urbandictionary bias. The editor that rejects this addition to the dictionary will have to answer why they wont approve even a legitimate word like gravponics even though gravponics is a portmanteau.
by Mikelstamps April 19, 2013
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