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a portmanteau of 2 words gravity and hydroponics. Also part of the word "gravponic confusion" already defined on urbandictionary. Also part of the word "gravponic victory dance" which is also being denied a definition
as fogponics is the portmanteau of fog and hydroponics, gravponics is the portmanteau of gravity and hydroponics. Simple. Read gravponic confusion definition on urban dictionary.
by MikeLeeStamps April 19, 2013
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a word used to describe the confusion as to why gravponics keeps getting denied as an acceptable word on urbandictionary.com.
The confusion starts when other definitions of words are completely fabricated and some arent even relevant or make sense. Gravponics is simply a portmanteau of 2 words. As fog is to fogponics, gravity is to gravponics. What would be the reason it keeps getting denied? This is the "gravponics confusion" question. Im sure this wont even get accepted even though i see the dumbest things people fabricate on here.
by MikeLeeStamps April 19, 2013
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