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Blood Alcohol Content
Man 1: Dude, did you hear Kenny got busted for a DUI?

Man 2: Yeah, I heard he had a .25 B.A.C.
by Mike Rambo June 22, 2007
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The South End is a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. The South End lies south of the Back Bay, and northwest of South Boston, northeast of Roxbury, north of Dorchester, and southwest of Bay Village. Despite the name, it is not directly south of the center of downtown Boston.

The South End's population has been diverse since the 1880s when Jewish, African-American, Greek, Syrian, and Lebanese populations began to settle in the neighborhood. Today the neighborhood remains diverse, integrating people of nearly every race, religion, and sexual orientation. Income levels are anecdotaly reported as stratified: a concentration of the wealthy and the poor. However neither the U.S. Census or City of Boston reports on income of this specific neighborhood.

While known for being a mostly upper middle class, gay/cultural neighborhood, street crime remains a serious problem. Housing in the South End is very expensive by US and Greater Boston standards.
1) He lives in the South End
by Mike Rambo February 05, 2007
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