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When you smoke pot, weed and or dope out of a popper bottle. Poppers were invented in Orangeville Ontario Canada 1970 when the first plastic soft drink bottles were introduced. It is proven to be the most conservative and effective way to smoke marijuana.
"Hey man lets go hit the p's before the bar"

"Hey man were hitting the p's so hold on"
by Mike Connell February 15, 2005
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Claiming the right to sit at the chair you sitting at, because you have to get up for some thing, ie beer bitch
You can only exercise "no nibs" by stating "no nibs before you leave the chair. This is give you the right to claim your sit back if someone takes possession of it. If person refuses to leave your chair knowing "no nibs" was called, you can excercise the right to move forcefully.
by Mike Connell February 16, 2005
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