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The "new and improved" nickname for LeBron James that is apparently "TAKING THE U.S.A. BY STORM." The "Akron" part of the name is because of the simple fact that LeBron James hails from the mean streets of Akron, Ohio. The "hammer" part of the nickname serves no purpose. It could just serve the purpose of giving Michelle Beadle an excuse to fantasize about getting hammered in the ass by LeBron James.
Nobody knows where this definition first came into existence but Michelle Beadle will continue to use this word in an unchallenged manner on SportsNation. Never fear though Michelle will eventually stop using this word once she realizes that she has no chance of getting LeBron on her and she will soon begin to hate him..just like Tom Brady whom she now despises for "no apparent reason."

The only time you would ever use this word is if you wanted to sound like a complete and utter moron.
guy 1: "Oh my god did you just see that monster dunk?!?! The Akron Hammer strikes again!!!."

guy 2: "I'm almost positive that's fuggin LEBRON JAMES you retard...but yeah Kobe got wrecked."
by Michelle Beadle is a bitch December 25, 2009

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