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Contrary to popular belief, "Emo" does not mean the cutting of one's wrist, nor is it a style. It doesn't represent someone sitting in a corner, crying, or angst-filled teenagers. It was originally a style of music, known as "Emotive Hardcore" or "Emotional Hardcore". Modern society has turned it into both a way to dress and a stereotype, sadly. Many people think it means emotional. That is slightly correct, but it really stands for "emotional" or "emotive" hardcore. If "Emo" really was Emotional, everyone would be "Emo", considering we've all shown emotions before. The word Emo shouldn't even exist, considering its past.
An example of how modern society uses "Emo":
"Emo fags, cutting their wrists." "Go cry in a corner, Emo."
by Michael Val May 08, 2010

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