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Menlo school is a school in Atherton California, where money, looks, and style are what determine whether you get in or not. The tuition is about 30,000 dollars, but it's worth it because the students are way hot, they all look like models, especially brig...hmmm. The families that have children at menlo school are multi-millionaires, which means they buy their kids anything. In case you didn't know we are in fact all snobs, most of us aren't willing to admit it, but deep down inside we know it's true. It is required, in the menlo school hand book page 8, that every student own at least 7 pairs of expensive jeans whether it be seven jeans or true religion jeans and 7 pairs of lacoste polos, this is so that no one feels out of place. Every girl and boy at menlo must also have at least one pair of uggs, but everyone has more than that. Everything at menlo is fake the people, as well as the grass. The bottom line is that we, menlo students, are way richer than you.
You go to menlo school? Damn you must be hella fuckin rich.
by Menlo Girl January 11, 2008

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