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A fluffy, cloud-like dog such as a Samoyed.
I saw a really cute shoob at the park!
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by Meme Princess July 04, 2016

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When a dog forgets to put its tongue back in its mouth, causing the tip to stick out. Same thing as blep in cats.
Mocha is asleep on the couch with a blop hanging out of her mouth.
by Meme Princess June 29, 2016

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A nickname for the male nut sack, more properly known as the scrotum. For full effect, say in a cowboy accent.
Cowboy Bob: Howdy, ma'am, would ya like a little peek at Old Scrotey?
by Meme Princess August 03, 2014

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A penis that is exactly 3.1415... inches long, or the value of the number pi.
Sleeping with my math teacher was disappointing as he had a pi-nis.
by Meme Princess June 30, 2016

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When a guy has his dick out and shakes it around. Also see meatspin.
Dave got drunk and made his dicky dicky go shakey shakey.
by Meme Princess June 30, 2016

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Another word for a chode or small, fat penis.
He had a cocklett, so I broke up with him.
by Meme Princess July 19, 2014

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Private parts (either gender) with a particularly bad odour.
Don't go down on him, he has a smelly nelly!
by Meme Princess June 30, 2016

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