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well you know murder is killing someone right? serial killer is someone who kills a lot of people and genocide is massive amount of people maybe an entire race or continent or more, so a Revolution would be like a Riot on the scale of a massive genocide killer but riot instead. and basically this happens when the country leader or government turns evil and corrupt abusing all the people and robbing everyone and rape every one even little babies or lock up so many people just out of hate or abuse of power and the entire country band together to take down the evil government and military soldiers has to follow orders of the leader they don't know if the leader or bad is not and will kill all the people of revolution and police and fbi and cia will join too. and its many branches of military and station everywhere even every where around the world with advance weaponry. so in this day of age its really bad if the government becomes corrupt it be hard to deal with because even back in the day when the constitution of america has guaranteed your right to do this back then it was way more possible than it is today if it happen in the united states of america. but still possible every where else in the world easily.
its hard to find out about radicals starting a revolution they get sniff out before the buzz even starts. genocide is worst than terrorist which is small scale as big as what they be doing.
This is when people inject drugs into their heart they get high off with like. Heroine , or whatever they inject in their arms and shoot in their veins to get high to become super strong. But no one really know where it’s at. To make adrenaline that gives you super human strength. Cocaine ? As urban legends says. I don’t know all the details.
Did every champion become a winner like this using heart chaser ?
People who use needles to inject drugs in their arms, inject it into their hearts , even steroids. As urban legends says , they do this hoping to create adrenaline to become super strong or super natural and rule the world with their ultimate power. No one really knows where the heart at anyway. Or what it looks like.
The heart Chaser results I haven’t ever seen and what become of people. Is these the people who are hold the belts in martial arts? When gold medalist at Olympics? When all the championships in sports ? Hold the heavy weight champion belt in wrestling or boxing ? Who knows but them.
what up though. its slang for black people for saying hi are you doing in a non soft or weak way to them. most writings like this started back when text message first started and you had to push a number three times to get letter what you want and limited text messages monthly, and text messages could only be so long back then. we remember a day we didn't even have cell phones? mobile phones or internet.
wat up doe?
by Megasus Thrist Jesus Christ April 27, 2022
this mean she's a freak in the streets but a lady in the bedroom or sheets. no fun at all at home with her true man.
by Megasus Thrist Jesus Christ April 27, 2022
This is someone famous or well known or a celebrity or someone with status like a gold medalist from the Olympics or a music artist who is evil and a horrible person and only act nice to keep getting money from fans and other people like corporations to be sponsor and endorse. And it can be movie producers and restaurants chain owners too , high rated chef or music producer etc. anyone in this nature.
Trash star s do so much evil shit to people and kill people and block other people from making their dreams come true just because they don’t want to share the spot light and it’s plenty of room for everyone in the sky .
This is when a evil person commits suicide because he or she did so many horrible heinous even rape crimes to babies non stop and they don’t want everything they did to people happen to them in prison. And can’t take what they dish out all their life. So they commit suicide before they get arrested and they will keep doing this evil shit thinking they won’t ever get arrested thinking they got everything covered bribes and blackmail etc. but occasionally a true hero arises to take them out. And this what happens when they realize they about to go to prison forever for their crimes.
Evil suicide is a must for them. I can always tell they about to do it. Scared of death of how they hurt people brutally and got off on it and scared to death of it happening to them non stop. To them it’s one person. But they did it too millions. And killed them to cover it up.