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A combination of the names Edward and Robert that makes the new name mean sex. Some of the nicknames Edbert has are Sexbert and Big-bert. Edbert is unbelievably hot and sexy that he doesn't even know it. People know he is that hunky man of lust, but he just clueless. He thinks everyone has good anticipations and a pure heart. He has VERY high standards when it comes with people (friends, girlfriends, mates, etc.). If you want to do him, ask him. No one knows what is going on with his mind, so it would be best to try hard even though you have an ulterior motive. Who knows, you might be entertained, and he can get down and dirty. Additionally, he is semi-hard to seduce. Goodluck trying!
Girl 1: "Hey sexy, lets dance!"
Edbert: "Huh? Uhh!"
Girl 1 (pulls him): "Come on"
Edbert gets down and dirty on the dance floor!

Girl: "Hey stud, lets do it over there"
Edbert: "What? No thanks"
Girl: "Come on, we were going out for a month already!"
Edbert: "We were dating? I thought it was just hanging out."
Girl (drags him inside the room and she strips): "I want you, inside!"
Edbert (pushes her off and leaves): "Work on your seduction technique, it needs improvements."
by Megan lust November 30, 2008

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