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1. In laymen’s terms to say “Hell Yeah!”
2. Pointing out someone’s stupidity.
3. Getting all the attention on yourself.
4. you can say it randomly just to fill out awkward pauses.
1. “Hey Ryan did you get the Tacos?”

“Of course.”

“Uhh hee!!!”

“Haha moron.”

“You know it”

2. -trips over a banana peel-

“Uhh hee look at the dink!”

-group laughter-

3. *Man this party's Fucking boring*

-climbs on table-

"Uhh hee check this out."

-lays a chunky monkey on the table-

4. “I’ll like you to meet my daughter.”

“Gahh fuck.”

“What did you say.”

-to your buddies rescue-

“Uhh hee”

-guy looks at you like a moron-
by Mediocrity’s Muse October 08, 2010

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1. Someone that hates everyone-for some reason or another-usually because of creed or race. But a people-ist can’t stand anyone, he/she always find something annoying or repulsive in everyone.
1. “I fucking hate Anthony”

“Why do you hate Anthony, he hasn’t done anything toyou…is it because he’s well you know?”

“Hell no, It’s his fucking nasally laugh.”

“Glenn you’re a people-ist.”

-leers at me- “God I hate you to Stewart.”
by Mediocrity’s Muse October 08, 2010

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