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A derogatory term for an African American typically used by white trash rednecks.
"That God damn shadow back walks like he owns the fucking street."

"Every member of my family, for every generation, was fucked by a shadow back in every orifice!"
by Max Hazard January 21, 2008
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a joyous event from the civil war times, where white upstanding christian americans would buy-out and sell off thier black slaves that they had captured from africa. This was a celebratory auction which would often end in a thanksgiving like feast.

the phrase "pic-nic" - derives from this word
- "Hey lyle, I bought three shadow backs from the pick-a-nigger festival last month."

- After buying six black slaves at the pick-a-nigger festival we laughed by the camp fire, and ate ourselves silly.
by Max Hazard January 16, 2008
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