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To take an object, such as something of value to another person, or perhaps their midday snack, and stick it down your pants, twirling it around for a bit so it strokes against your pubes, then giving it back to the person, thus leaving them standing dumbfounded with a thoroughly grossed up thing. Best done if some of your hairs stick to the object due to sweat.
I totally pubed up Carl's camera

I pubed up a candy bar and gave it to a chick, and she ate it

I pubed up your mom. In my pants.

I am about to go pube up that chick's hand. I hope she doesn't notice.
by Mattias Tillberg January 14, 2009
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A Sense of Purpose is the ninth studio album by In Flames, that was originally set to be released April 4, 2008, but was leaked to the internet March 16. Was the first album by the band to receive a parental advisory sticker on the cover. Some may say that the album goes even further from the bands original sound and more into mainstream music, but it is still an amazing album.
Bob: A sense of purpose is a bad album. In Flames have sold out and gone into mainstream. They have completely changed their style into more of a metalcore/nu metal sound, and I refuse to listen to them before they go back to The Jester Race sound.
Matt: Go suck a cock.
by Mattias Tillberg March 16, 2008
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