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When a woman is so drunk, she can't have an orgasm.
Kristen was having a hard time cumming because she had whisky clit.
by MattBowden1981 May 03, 2014

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An orgasm achieved by a man simply by flexing his pelvic floor muscles. This technique is typically employed discretely, ejaculating in one's pants.
Ryan busted a kegel nut in Berstein's office
by MattBowden1981 January 05, 2016

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A man's balls and dick tucked back between his legs.
Ryan was laying in the fetal position with his berry bundle showing.
by MattBowden1981 November 01, 2015

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After hours and hours of work on the road, you return to your hotel room. The only repreive from the strenuous day is a hardcore masturbation sesh. You bust that first one like an oil gyzer. But the second one, that really hard-to-get one is what you're working for, like Rockefeller digging deep.
Jim: Shitty hotel rooms huh?
Ryan: Yeah, but the Rockefeller was great.
by MattBowden1981 October 15, 2015

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An unspoken contract to give/receive Red Bull's between two coworkers. Whenever one of them buys a Red Bull on their way to work, they will buy one for their coworker too.

There is no requirement for an equal amount of giving and receiving. The contract remains fair as long as it remains unspoken.
Ryan and I have a Red Bull thing.
by MattBowden1981 November 19, 2016

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