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The act of hacking into one's relationship for personal benefit. Usually caused by the hacker falling in love with a member of the relationship, thus resulting in a hack. The hacker would devote entire life and is willing to sacrifice anything to fuck up the relationship. They will first try to get victims alone so that their partner has no influence. Those are some early symptoms. Depending on the specific strength of the relationship, it may be destroyed.
Another reason a relationship would be hacked is the fact that the hacker was once or is currently friends with a member of the relationship and feels like they are losing attention. Usually, the hacker in this case would remind the victim of "old times" or "good times" before their relationship had started, in a desperate attempt to actually pull the victim from his or her lover.

This is a common issue that must be handled with care. Ignore the stupid, do whats right.

Hacker: remember this summer. before you were with (bf/gf name), we could do ___! sucks now that ur with him/her.
Victim 1: oh ya....that sucks those were good times.
Hacker: then get out. be single. its better..like old times

Relationship Hack in action^

Hacker: hey wanna hang out!. oh yea never mind you're probably with (bf/gf name)
Victim 2: ((oh shit. my friend doesnt like me anymore? screw my 50th anniversary date. it can happen some other time))
by Marty jackson the fifth March 04, 2009
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