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The slang name for the ubiquitous "General Tso's" chicken entrée offered at every Chinese restaurant in America. Given that its preparation calls for liberal breading and deep frying, one might confuse it for a doughnut dipped in an Asian sauce that has chicken as a filling.
Given that I wasn't in the mood to be adventurous with my order, I opted for the standard chicken doughnut (aka General Tso's Chicken) for my entrée at the local Chinese restaurant.
by MarkPG949 December 06, 2010

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An informal friendly term for a fellow member of the Jewish faith. The term is a hebrew biblical reference to Israelites having originally been members of the Tribe of Judah.
He was a fellow tribesman, so I didn't mind that he was dating my sister.
by MarkPG949 May 17, 2012

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Being forcibly subordinated to someone of equal or higher rank within a company or other organization.
Despite his considerable experience, he was totally juniorized by middle management and was forced to perform menial tasks because he was the new guy.
by MarkPG949 February 16, 2012

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A game that is played when a middle-aged or older man is seen with a considerably younger girl to determine the relationship between the two people. Given the age differential, it's usually plausible that his female companion could be his wife, his daughter or a prostitute.
When we were in the Orange County airport, we had to play a game of wife, daughter, or hooker after seeing a smoking hot girl in her late 20's hanging out with an older guy that appeared to have a lot of money. It was anyone's guess.
by MarkPG949 May 21, 2012

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