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Real Emo Kid-
-Emotional person
-has appreciation for good music (that acutally means something and isnt talking about women and cars.)
-dont care what people think
-DOES shop at hottopic, but doesnt buy the clothes just because they thinks they are cool, but because they like them
-dress how they want
-do what they want, even if its corny
(thats just a sum)

Fake Emo Kid-
-calls themselves emo
-shops at hottopic excessivly and brags about it
-buts clothes they think are cool
-crys in public on purpose just so they get attention
-says their misunderstood and alone all the time
(watch out for these ones, they are pretty much the stupidest people out there)
real emo kid- "so what are you listening to?"
fake emo kid- "the red jumpsuit apparatus."
real emo kid- "really? oh i love them."
fake emo kid- "i just got their cd yesterday..."
real emo kid- "what song are you listening to?"
fake emo kid- "uh... i dont know, number 5."
by Margarita Lee January 16, 2007

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