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One of the greatest hallucinogens in the cosmos.... and its Legal!
This polish kickboxer told me to rip a whole bong of salvia in one hit and hold it for 30 seconds. I got to 15 and thought i felt something. I got to 20 and knew for sure I was feeling something. I got to 25 and forgot why I started counting in the first place. By the time I hit 30 I was floating down to the couch. Two of my best friends were standing in front of me, but I had absolutely no idea who they were. They were talking to me but their voices sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher. I looked down at my legs and they were fusing with the coffee table and couch. I looked to my right and all the furniture that was to the right of me was crawling up the wall and the ceiling extended to the far reaches of the universe. I looked behind me and saw that a darkness was sweeping over our dimension. The only thing that I could rationalize at the time was that our world was ending, but I was ok with it, because the life I led has been pretty bitchin'. So i sat there waiting for this giant void blanket of destruction and disintegration to finish consuming our existence. Then i started to come out of the trip and my friends said I looked like a newborn baby, and that everything I looked at looked like it was the first time i had ever seen it. Sounds about right. Also Jethro Tull will never be the same again. Great Trip!
by Manta Ray April 11, 2008

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