1 definition by Manolito Burumba

A Papo is a low class male who thinks he's the sexiest guy in the world. Papos are usually hispanic, but can be from other ethnicities as well. They usually consider themselves "preppy" because of the way they dress, but unfortunately, the way they carry themselves does not allow them to fall into that category. They are essentially the antithesis to everything good and proper... mostly because they truly believe they're good and proper.

Papos think they can get any girl, but usually only get Mama's and Mami's (female versions of Papos (a/k/a different species of Chonga)). This separates them from Papi's, who think they can get any girl but usually get none.
That Papo wears his Porsche key chain... but he doesn't drive a Porsche...
by Manolito Burumba October 19, 2007
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