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Noun. An activity in which babyfurs, a subset of the larger Furry fandom, gather in a private place, usually in a hotel room at a furcon, perform oatmeal enemas on themselves and eachother, followed by putting on a diaper or some other youthful garments (overalls are also common) then defecating the oatmeal in to the garments. Optional but common practices in addition to this includes but is not limited to: consumption of the results of the enemas straight from the diapers, switching "loaded" diapers with other babyfurs, and wrapping the "loaded" diapers around their faces while doing whippets.
I was invited to a oatmeal party tonight. They said it was open door but I am pretty sure that con staff will ban them if they don't keep it closed door. Oh well.
by Mambo Breaker November 19, 2010

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