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term used to describe a recent outbreak of teenage pregnancy
My High School is a victim of the Juno effect, six girls are knocked up.
by Maiku Chan September 13, 2008

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A latch-key kid who spends all their time at the mall. They are commonly found in lower middle class/working class suburban towns. They can be seen loitering in the mall for hours on end, causing various levels of trouble, asking adults for cigarettes and making out with each other in random locals.They have no set life goals,are very snarky and do badly in school. They are akin to the mall goth,mall punkandmall slut and often are the same thing.
John: I went to the Enfield Square last night. Mall urchins heckled me as I walked in, then later on they asked me to buy them smokes.
Sarah: Were the hell are their parents?
John: Pass out on a couch in T-ville mostly likely.

jesus of suburbia/st.jimmy are good examples of Mall urchins.
by Maiku Chan January 05, 2009

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