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Mia is the girl everyone wants in their life. She seems quiet and shy at first, but when she is with her friends, she is loud, energetic and super funny and very very cute! She has beautiful eyes and her hair is probably curly, she also has an amazing body and most likely is kind of short. Everyone is jealous of her beauty. She loves everyone around her and is kind to everyone, except for the people who get on her bad side, when you hurt a Mia, you will regret it, but she’s hard to anger. She is sassy and sarcastic in a funny endearing way. She feels and loves so intensely but sometimes people take her for granted. She is Also very talented and smart. She knows how to make anyone feel better if their sad, sometimes its amazing how just being with her will cheer you up. She is insecure and doesn’t see her own beauty, but everyone else does. I am so glad that Mia is my friend! Everyone loves Mia.
Everyone needs a Mia in their life
by Maemae02 September 23, 2018

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