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The only black sorority to start off as a spinoff. Everything they are or ever will be they owe to Alpha Kappa Alpha. Their "founders" (how you can found something you're already in is beyond me) began as members of AKA, they learned how to run a sorority and unethically broke their vows as AKAs to start their female fraternity. Even their "founding date" was given to them by AKA. The AKAs gave them a deadline, Jan 13th to drop the name Delta Sigma Theta. That deadline was 2 days before AKA's 5th anniversary, Jan. 15th. These Deltas didn't drop the name on the deadline & now that's supposedly their founding date...Puhlease...they can't even make up an original founding date.
Girl A: I'm in Delta Sigma Theta we're hard, we're real, we're not stuck up like those AKAs.

Girl B: Well how could you be? You've got nothing to be stuck up about. Enjoy your fake sisterhood.

(Girl B walks away and heads to a real sorority's event.)
by Madison McCleary January 18, 2008
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