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Contrary to popular belief, Bands like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendix and all of the other Classic Rock Bullshit, Is MAINSTREAM MUSIC!! I am so sick of all of the people today saying, "OH LED ZEPPELIN IS THE GREATEST BAND!! ALL OTHERS SUCK" THIS IS BULLSHIT!! When I was in elementry school I got made fun of, for listening to this horendous music by the fanboys of Led Zeppelin today. Now all of you listen to this shitty band, and claim it "GOD". But back in the day YOU were the ones that made fun of me for listening to this shit, when you entered STONERISM. SO now thanks to you guys, I am now free from this classic rock music and found other good music that isn't 1000 years old. SO FUCK ALL OF YOU!
Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Lynard SKkynard,Deep Purple,Styx Bon Jovi, Boston, Foreigner, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Motley Crue, The Allman Brothers, Bob Seiger And The Silver Bullet Band, Aerosmith, The Four Seasons, The Beatles, The Greatful Dead.

ALL OF THE ABOVE LISTED ARE HORRIBLE SHITTY, 1000 YEAR OLD BANDS THAT ARE MAINSTREAM!! THERE ARE ALOT MORE BUT WAY TOO MANY TO LIST!! Although Jethro Tull and The Cars are ok with me, I don't mind those two bands. WE NEED A CHANGE PEOPLE!! KEEP THESE BANDS DEAD!! Let them rust in pieces!!

Good music did't start until after 1990.

Good songs don't nessacarly need a guitar solo to be good. Guitar solos repeat and get really annoying.
by MOTOGRATER April 09, 2006

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Some definitions on here, say that V8's are "old piss technology" when actually, if you know your HISTORY, inline four cylinder engines came out BEFORE V8's. So you see, V8's are an INNOVATION to weak ass four cylinders. Dumb-asses why do you think the V8 was invented? FOR MORE POWER. Power comes with the expense of low MPG, you have to pay for power. And you'll say "what about power too weight ratio?" well you know what? There will NEVER be replacement for displacement, or the amount of cylinders. You can stuff a Big block in a camaro or a mustang, and eat a rice-burner anyday of the week, WITHOUT nitorus. So add all of your aftermarket add ons you want, you'll never be able to beat a V8 with a rice 4 banger. The laws of physics cannot be defied by some NO2, picnic table go-fast wing, or a fart cannon. so just bow down too the masters, of the road and pump our gas. thats right. Muscle cars own your shit rice-cars. Always have always will.
V8=twice the motor and power of a four cylinder ricer.

rice= good on gas
by MOTOGRATER March 07, 2006

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The word most commonly abused (100%) of the time, by minorities, (mostly spanish and blacks) when things don't go their way.
Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Illegal Mexican: It's because I'm a Mexican huh.

Officer: No, you were doing 90mph in a 35mph zone and you almost killed 3 people in the process. You were swerving in and out of traffic, an I have reason to believe by the weed smoke and alcohol on your breath, that you are intoxicated.


Officer: SIGH..... please step out of the car, you are under arrest.

Illegal Mexican: NO I DON'T HAVE TO. YOU ARE A RACIST *Crys*

The officer then drags the worthless illegal out of the car, sends him to jail, where they find out he's an Illegal Mexican immigrant, that is wanted for murder in 3 states and Mexico.

The officer then becomes a hero for helping get one less Illegal Mexican murdering scumbag off the streets.
by motograter July 28, 2010

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Something that should not be talked about, with your friends, family or strangers. Should be in the same "subjects never to talk about" list such as "Politics, Religion". No matter what you listen to, no matter what band makes the "music" somebody is gonna say how much they suck, and how talentless they are, Irregardless of what "genre". Thats why I listen to music by myself where nobody else can hear, so I don't have to defend it, or explain why I like it. LIke what you like already mother fuckers. God, this is the biggest "fanboy" "hater" site ever!
Do not talk about Religion, Politics, and Music, with anybody. This will constitute a pointless argument, and wasted time and animosity. I like New metal and metal. If you guys like rap, pop, or Green day, don't say what I listen to sucks, because YOU don't like it. I respect the music you listen to, so don't insult me. AND don't force it up my ass, like change the radio station in my car because you don't like it, And say how Led Zeppelin Is "god". WHICH IN MY OPINION Classic Rock Sucks Dick! It's over-played, old and stale!
by MOTOGRATER April 09, 2006

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Forum where wanna-be "technicians" claim to be knowledgable, but instead are 16 year old rice kids, who have no mechanical apptitude, nor the slightest clue on how a car runs, or how to fix one. They dedicate their time ruining Honda's, and molesting them into something that was never Honda's intention for the car to be. Common thread posts are "car died plzz hhheelllpppp!!!!!!" Very lame forum, with even lamer members. Very toolish members.
You can find the most toolish no-nothings in the "Acura type R" forum. Do yourself a favor and never visit this forum. If you have problems with your Honda take it to a Honda dealer where REAL TECHNICIANS will fix your car.

"Honda-tech.com, a place where idiots can be idiots and show it by quoting other posts and using it as their signiture"
by MOTOGRATER September 24, 2008

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