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A medical condition caused by the brains inability to process a constant overload of dumb.

Characterized by chronic headaches and a general hatred for all things that defy reason.

Extremely common in any military service member with an IQs higher than that of most household pets, but effecting anyone with an inability to wrap their head around concepts completely devoid of sense and reason. Often being constantly forced to do thing that they can prove are wrong, or waste time without any foreseeable benefit, usually also leads to a constant wishing that humans would evolve to a point where unintelligent thoughts causes physical pain.
Oh my God! If Senior Chief doesn’t stop trying to find a reason to nit pick everything that we are doing, he is going to agrivate my Brain hurty syndrome! I think if you swapped his brain with a shiny rock his intelligence would more than double. He’s so stupid it should hurt!
by MCPO of Your Mom February 04, 2010

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