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1. The surname Hartman means hardy/strong-man. Hartmans are an odd breed of Germans. Members of the Hartman Clan can usually be seen frequenting bars, Vietnamese whore houses and church all on the same day.

Rare strains of Hartmans enjoy drinking milkshakes while lifting weights and listening to a playlist compiled with musicians such as Death From Above 1979, old school Sugar Ray, the Backstreet Boys, Jack Johnson, William Shatner, and Culture Club.

Can also be used as an adjective or a verb.

2. A move that can be used in bed to sate even the most insatiable of nymphos. Can be used as a noun for the move, or a verb (to do the move).
1. "Hartman! Stop licking the tar!"

2. "Wow! Where did you learn to Hartman like that?!"
by M. Hartman July 31, 2006

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