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A sexual act involving several southern prostitutes and one surly gentlemen. The prostitutes (at least 3) are kept in a pen mimicking that of a petting zoo. The dude beats off and busts a fat ass nut all over the bitches, dispensing it like food to the hungry recipients.
Frank and several of his southern, female, prostitute friends are enjoying a splendid evening together when Frank suggests that the party perform a "Louisiana Petting Zoo." The ladies, being quite hungry and strangely animalistic, comply and are then herded quite hastily by Frank into the confines of the large wooden pen enclosure. Frank then exits the pen and walks near the viewing area where the bitches soon shuffle over on all fours. Frank then whips it out and starts beating it furiously until busting a nut all over, and thus feeding, the hungry prostitutes.
by Luongo Dongus October 25, 2009
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