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to teeth some one is to aim for your opponnets teeth in hopes of removing as many as possible in as many blows as it takes
ex.I have my Juggalo Axe in hand to teeth the greasy piggie Fat fuck.

ex. that curbstomp Teethed the prick.
it was the flying knee to the jaw that Theethed Him.

ex.ex. iam trained in the deadly art of theething

by Luke-0 T June 28, 2006

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Desendants of the Dark Carnaval, two of the most wickedest Axe Weilding Clowns the planet has every seen. shaggy 2 dope and Violent Jay have risen a fan base like voodoo wizards and we are the Jugglas.
The Jugglas came over the hill weilding axes and hatchets.
don't fuck with the jugglas.
by Luke-0 T June 28, 2006

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