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The favorite band of marvin, the paranoid android. The most intelligent, witty, political, sulking paranoid human beings with access to musical instruments. Musical equivalent to the global end-is-nigh movements, but with the seduction of beauty in it. Since 1997, radiohead renders all gothic movements as obsolete. Listening to good bands, like Coldplay or Franz Ferdinand is impossible after Radiohead. It's like eating soap after a good dose of chocolate. Like listening to a cheerful friend about landscapes after knowing the end of the world is nigh.

Unrecommended to all sane people that want to stay just so.
Radiohead is the favorite band of Lucifer. He specially likes the verses:

it's the devil's way now
you can scream you can shout
it's too late now


we hope you choke
we hope you choke


And either way you turn, Ill be there,
open up your skull, Ill be there,
climbing up the walls


we want young blood

Lucy Lucy just couldn't agree more.
by Luis Dias September 05, 2007

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