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Teeny boppers are basically try hards, or young girls who are really..well...girly..

wearing alot of pink.

giggle about boys.

wear incredibly short mini skirts..

frilly things/beads/lots of layers and bright clothes.

Hanging out near all the cool cats pretending they're just as cool...THEY'RE NOT!

run around screaming and squealing.

always carry little tiny handbags on their shoulders full of their makeup.

obbsessed with lipgloss.

flip their hair all the time.

scream when they get a msg.

walk around in groups of friends that all look alike..

wear matching clothes as all their little friends.

sworn enemy of the emo/scene kids..yahoo!!

Go to alot of bluelights.

Fake stuff just to get attention.

Listen to simple plan and good charlotte.

but also listen to girly music.

wear high heels even though they're 12 and cant walk in them.

aNd ThEy AlSo TyPe LiKe ThIs BeCaUsE aPpArEnTlY tHiS iS tHe CoOl WaY tO tYpE.

it isnt.

so stop that.

most are sluts.

or pretend they are to look good.


Teeny bopper conversation.

"oh my gosh! that boy is soooo hot..he was totally looking at you!"

"oh my gosh no way! maybe I should giggle really loudly as I walk past and get him to notice me!"

"oh my god do it!!!!!!!"

by Lucy lambent™ February 04, 2007

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