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The marketing method to attract skids into honeypot operations just to troll
Yo James, lets run a skidmarketing campaign today, I am bored and need to get my dick wet.
by Lowebrewed Fox November 03, 2018

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A skid that claims to be a pro 1337 hacker bro, purely because he has an A+ certification and uses SQLmap.
Bracket () is a skid... plain and simple
by Lowebrewed Fox November 06, 2018

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The process of flashcarding a skid that believes to know a thing or 2 in hacking/infosec.
Dec, bruh, bout to start skidgineering this fucking skid talking about XSSing an electric dog collar...
by Lowebrewed Fox November 06, 2018

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The combination of being both a Scrub and a Skid. Either alone can be ok, but once you have achieved the title of both, your reputation fades as if Thanos himself disapproved of you.
James.... This Scrid is telling me he has forced an APT attack on some skid that doesn't even have a router in his home....
by Lowebrewed Fox November 13, 2018

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The art of getting an army of skids behind you. To get a group of skids to act as one in your favor.
Root was in the act of skid herding when he realized he had made a fatal mistake... The skids had started to follow his every action in picking up all the hookers to try and "bio hack them".
by Lowebrewed Fox November 06, 2018

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A place, server, forum full of skids for their skid activities and skidtastic activities.
I've fallen into a skidtopia where the skids believe "networking" of a botnet is complex and fascinating... Save me Murphy.
by Lowebrewed Fox May 11, 2019

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The activity of skids tugging eachother off to believe they may know something in the tech field, or have ability to do shit without the use of ever learning to google
Yo Shikata, lets make Skidlove while trying to figure out how to abuse FTP, even though we've no clue what FTP even is.
by Lowebrewed Fox July 31, 2019

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