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Defending my country.....
Whingeing bitches?...everyone whinges.
Hate Australia?..nah we dont hate you dont worry..just a bit of friendly rivalry like Canada and the U.S.A.
Why do SOME of us move to aussie?..to get away from helen fuckin clark!!!!!!..better oppitunities..beleive me you dont know what he/she is like. Shes fucking up our country.
Bash Australia?..you said that before/after you took the piss out of New Zealand!!
Sheep shaggers?..just coz we have 40 million sheep doesnt mean we shag them thats just wrong. Whats with aussies and sheep jokes anyway?
Watch all your TV shows? You mean that dramatic aussie bullshit? Theres only about 2 shows like home and away and neighbours! no one even watches that shit.
Wear your clothes? nah sorry to burst your bubble but most of our clothes are from china! lol..cheap crap.
Listen to your music? what music?
Poor? Fuck no..NZ and aussie are among the richest nations.
Australia is 10 times more beautiful? have you even been to NZ? Ask any tourist..theyll say NZ!
Richer and more powerful than NZ? Take a look at how big you are! your like more than 3 times bigger and 5 times our population!
Hell of alot nicer?..wow looking at your text above i would not say your nicer and more laid back!
Spiteful, envious, backward? haha what a joke.
NZ is gorgeous and is far more more attractive compared to Australia having desert with a big rock in the middle of it. We dont even think your better than us and we dont think we are better than you! grow up its so bloody childish. I dont know anyone who wishes they were an aussie so dont flatter yourself.
I really like my accent too.
You rip us in sports? Oh you mean the cricket?? i enjoyed watching the poms kick your ass!!! hahahahahahaha. And how about rugby... we are the best in the world, how do you explain the wallabies ay? theyre pathetic.
We are the worlds most generous country, when a countrys in need we help them, because we can and i think thats something to be proud of. I dont mind australians, i just really hate it when you sling shit at us. We are all people, except from different pieces of land. Why cant we just get along with each other, is that so hard to do?
NZ is proud, with our own voice, our own identity.
Clean green New Zealand.
I suggest everyone visits! Have a nice day
I love New Zealand!
by Loud and Proud 13 year old October 05, 2005

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